About FemPowered

FemPowered Productions are passionate video producers with an eye and heart for sensitivity and creativity. 

We strive to empower our clients with impactful media and knowledge solutions to grow in business as well as empowering with media confidence to own the space in which they operate within.


We love creating beautiful work that captures the soul essence of an event or business that touches hearts, empowers and resonates.

We provide a service that is unique, emotive and passionate. Providing you with a quality, heartfelt service and walking you through each step of media creation and the platforms that suit your brands needs and will serve you best.

We provide a variety of media services that include:


MEDIA MENTORING for entrepreneurs who are beginning the process of setting up social media channels and digital content. With one on one mentoring, we will authentically assist in discovering your brands essence with brand strategy solutions and content advice.  

SIGNATURE VIDEOS are personalised video creation for entrepreneurs and artists that focus on a visually captivating story of who you are and what you do. 


BOUTIQUE VIDEOS are for special small events such as weddings, reunions and memorials that require a heartfelt approach to capturing the event. 

Rainbow Light Art

Empowering you with creative content and media advice that is authentic and impactful to assist you in attracting your tribe and help you thrive.



Anna is a qualified media production artist with extensive experience in media production. With a love of art, design and music producing she emanates creativity and passion for life and people. 


Anna has worked for media production companies producing events from weddings, funerals and theatre events and has gained a unique perspective on capturing important life changing moments with sensitivity.

Anna began FemPowered Productions to provide a voice for other artists to feel seen and heard and empowered with the extensive knowledge she has gained over the two decades of working in the media industry. 

Anna has a supportive crew on the sidelines with an experienced creative director and design solution strategist, production crew and bringer of amazing coffee all neatly packaged into Anna's life partner, Ben.


We also have the capacity to engage with other FemPowered Creatives in the Canberra region to bring your ideas and vision to life.

We are a dynamic power couple eager to bring creativity and authenticity into the world.

Let's collaborate and create something beautiful together.

Behind the Scenes

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Director and Producer  

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Bachelor of Media Arts and Production and extensive experience in video production.


Ben & Anna 


Movers and Shakers:

Bringers of Design Solutions and Encouragement.