Media Packages

Media Mentoring

Media Mentoring is designed to work through media challenges you are facing and how to move forward. This package is designed to provide you with knowledge solutions and a clear understanding of how to convey your unique story through your media platforms.

With personalised mentoring you will come out the other side feeling confident in your next steps in your business with new insights about who you are and media content tools to grow.

Signature Videos

Create your signature video that highlights who you are as an artist and your service or works.


With specialised time together we will discover your unique story and create a narrative that highlights the essence of why you love what you do to inspire audience engagement.

Each signature video is uniquely different, incorporating your compelling voice, high definition visuals of the creation of your work and taking your audience on a cinematic journey.


Signature Profiles are perfect for embedding into your website and promoting yourself on your media platforms.

 Boutique Videos

Do you have a special event that you want to capture through video?


Boutique videos are designed to record the essence and feeling of your day to convey its own special story. Boutique Videos will attract and captivate your audience and give you a video that treasures your memories and all the special details with sensitivity and creativity.

We are here to walk you through the process of capturing your unique day and your individual requirements.

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